2020 Harley-Davidson Livewire electric motorcycle review

The Harley-Davidson Livewire is the iconic American brand's first stab at an electric model. Can it impress cruiser enthusiast Alexis Conran?
Are motorcycles the way out of lockdown?

Are motorcycles best way to get UK moving again?

The end to lockdown has posed a number of practical problems. One of the primary concerns is how to commute while maintaining social distance.

Video: Motorcyclist's 100mph smash

Police in Florida have released terrifying footage of a motorcycle rider smashing into a car on a highway.

Middle-aged biker crashes rise by 65%

They are the born-again bikers who like to recapture their youth by taking to two wheels, but new accident figures show riding a motorcycle can
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The Wall of Death: Guy Martin's biggest challenge yet

Daft things started to happen when all the Jeremy Clarkson stuff kicked off and it became clear he was getting the boot from Top Gear
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News: Steph Jeavons arrives in Malaysia on her round-world...

Last March Driving met Steph Jeavons, a 40-year-old grandmother from Colwyn Bay in North Wales, just before she set off to ride around the world on...
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News: Anti-litter crusader makes car drivers’ lives...

A girl on a motorcycle rides around looking for people throwing rubbish out of their car ‒ and throws it right back inside their vehicle...
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News: Easy Rider’s Harley hits the road to $1m auction

One of the most famous motorbikes committed to celluloid is going up for auction.