Motor terms: confusing car terminology explained

Swot up on the many mind-boggling acronyms and bamboozling phrases that litter automotive brochures, motoring mags and used car adverts with our handy jargon buster
Reader Letters: VW diesel battle, in-car fumes, LED roads, used car praise and jargon busting

Reader Letters: VW battles and jargon busting

I hear 40,000 UK Volkswagen diesel owners have launched a legal action in relation to the “defeat device” on their cars: the “fix” has...
Reader Letters: Car dealer mumbo jumbo and postcode problems

Reader Letters: Car dealer mumbo jumbo and postcode...

Given the nature of the Volkswagen emissions scandal, surely owners deserve a little more transparency when they are advised that their car has had...
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Exclusive: Drivers baffled by car jargon, survey reveals

Jargon used by the motor industry is causing car buyers to make costly mistakes when purchasing new and used cars, a survey by The Sunday Times Driving...
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Survey: Are you confused by motoring jargon?

If you're not immersed in the world of cars, even relatively simple car terminology can be confusing.