Survey: Are you confused by motoring jargon?

Know your MPG from your BHP?

Do you understand car jargon?

IF YOU’RE not immersed in the world of cars, even relatively simple car terminology can be confusing. Those of us who write about the subject often find ourselves confronting the blank eyes of friends and family when enthusing about the latest V8 engine with cylinder deactivation technology, or how the new 1-litre Ecoboost engine enables brilliant MPG but also low-end torque.

If you’re not a car person, you’ve probably just nodded off yourself.

There are practical reasons for knowing the jargon, though. Most of us drive cars, after all, and at some point we’re likely to find ourselves on a car dealer’s forecourt perusing the latest models. If you don’t know your stuff, how on earth will you know you’re buying the right car?

We wanted to know exactly how much of a grip UK car buyers have on motoring terminology, so have teamed up with esure, the insurer, to create a survey with a few simple questions. Please take a couple of minutes to fill it in, below. does have a handy jargon buster for our used car buyers, but if you don’t know the answers to our survey questions, please don’t refer to it. We won’t be scoring you and all entries are anonymous, so there’s no fear of being named and shamed. The more honest you are, the more accurate a picture we’ll get.

The results of the survey will be collated on September 14, 2014 and we’ll publish them on soon after, so keep an eye out.

Note: don’t worry, by answering this survey your details will not be stored for marketing purposes. 


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