Reader Letters: VW diesel battle, in-car fumes, LED roads, used car praise and jargon busting

Reader Letters: VW diesel battle, in-car fumes, LED roads, used car praise and jargon busting

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Second fiddle
I hear 40,000 UK Volkswagen diesel owners have launched a legal action in relation to the “defeat device” on their cars: the “fix” has reportedly resulted in poorer performance and engine failures. In America, however, VW has already settled a multibillion-dollar claim, so why are Brits being treated as second-class citizens?
Nigel Duckworth, Dartmouth, Devon


Exhaust note
Numerous articles in newspapers warn of pollution in your car from other vehicles’ exhausts, but none mentions the option in many models to recirculate the interior air. Does this have any effect?
Anna Webster, Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancashire


Illuminated thinking
As I sat on an aircraft listening to the safety instructions, they said in the event of a cabin-light failure a strip along the floor would illuminate and guide us to the nearest exit. That was when I had the idea: in busy times, why could we not split two-lane roads into three? The nearside lane could be wide and the other two narrow, with LED road markings sunk into the surface and traffic stopped briefly at the lights while the switchover occurs. I am sure there are a lot of areas that could benefit.
Julian Oakey, via email


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Old hands
I am heartily tired of the niggling issues that seem to trouble too many modern hi-tech vehicles. I’ve resorted to owning a 2002 Vauxhall Vectra and a 2006 Volvo S40. Both compare favourably in performance and comfort with modern cars. A £15 device adds Bluetooth to each, and a clip to hold my phone enables me to use a hands-free sat-nav app. The depreciation in a year on a small new car would exceed what I paid for these two combined, yet I don’t think I’m getting a lesser driving experience. Am I wrong?
Robert Highfield, Aldershot, Hampshire


Initial reaction
The Clarksometer is clever, detailed and informative, but does everyone really understand what “cc” is? Or “bhp” or “rpm”? I’d like a Clarksometer for dummies.
Jeremy K Cooke, Hitchin, Hertfordshire


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