Volkswagen boss confirms Golf and GTI badges will live on in electric era

Days after Volkswagen confirmed a GTI version of the ID.2 with the ID. GTI concept, the company’s CEO says ‘iconic’ nameplates will continue.
Volkswagen Golf R '20 Years' edition

VW Golf R 20 Years: the most powerful Golf ever

It’s been 20 years since the first Volkswagen Golf R, and here comes a celebration edition…
VW Golf R and Seat Ibiza crash - from Reddit video uploaded by user rodharet

Golf R street racer smashes Seat

A video has been released showing a collision in Spain between two street racers, neither of whom were racing each other...
Hot hatch drag race: Audi RS 3, Mercedes-AMG A45, VW Golf R, Honda Civic Type R and Ford Focus RS

Video: Ultimate hot hatch drag race

Hot hatches aren't all about straight line speed but in a competitive market, knowing you've got the the top dog when it comes to power delivery,
Hot hatch battle: Focus RS vs Civic Type R vs M140i vs RS 3 vs Golf R vs AMG A45

Hot hatch showdown: six new models do battle

How hot do you like your hot hatchback? Fast and furious or brisk and civilised? And what should it look like? Would you prefer it to be as discr

Me and My Motor: Jonnie Peacock, the Paralympian

Jonnie Peacock can’t afford his dream motor but he does own the Ferrari of running legs. The carbon fibre blade costs £6,000 and it can power him...
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Top 100 Cars 2016: Top 5 Hot Hatches

The Sunday Times Driving presents the five best hot hatches of 2016, featuring Volkswagen, Honda, Peugeot, Mini and Ford.
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The Clarkson review: 2015 Volkswagen Golf R estate

Choosing what car you are going to buy is always 10 times more enjoyable than actually buying it. So when I decided I needed a Volkswagen Golf GTI...
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2015 Honda Civic Type R vs Ford Focus ST, VW Golf R...

There has surely never been a better time to buy a high-performance small car – better known as a hot hatch. If you owned a Peugeot 205 GTI or a...
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News: Volkswagen reveals fastest-ever Golf R 400

A hot hatch with more power than a Porsche 911? Yes...
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Beijing show: VW shades hot Golf R with scorching Golf...

IF THE 300bhp Golf R isn’t powerful enough for you there’s always this: the 390bhp Golf R 400. Or at least there would be, were it not a concept.
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Twin test: VW Golf GTI vs Golf R

IF YOU want a hot hatchback that doesn’t make you look like a hooligan then, for close on 40 years, your number one choice has been the Volkswagen...