The best motoring gifs in the world part 1

Gifs ... what the internet was made for.
Video: Children saved from overturned car caught in flood water

Watch desperate motorists rescue two children

It plays out like a nail-biting scene from a Hollywood disaster movie, but the footage of an overturned car trapped in flood water...
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News: Councils hit by flood of pothole damage claims...

Councils in areas worst hit by the winter storms are now facing a flood of compensation claims from motorists whose cars have been damaged by potholes.
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Noah saved 2x2. Today’s rescuers do it 4x4

KATE MERRY and her young son Elliot are trying to cross the great divide. She lives in Muchelney, Somerset, near the River Parrett, which has risen...
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News: Wet weather causes write-off misery as drivers...

IT'S OFFICIAL: the wettest January on record is taking its toll on weather-weary drivers.