From F1 to electric cars: meet Ian Foley, founder of Equipmake

Having worked on flying taxis and hybrid supercars, the founder of Equipmake has high hopes for his company.
Me and My Motor: Ron Ayers, the supersonic car designer behind Bloodhound SSC

Me and My Motor: Ron Ayers, supersonic car guru

For a man who designs the world’s fastest cars, Ron Ayers has little interest in his own means of transport.
Retirement? I'd rather design a supersonic car, says Bloodhound engineer Ron Ayers

The OAP designing the Bloodhound supersonic car

At 85, Ron Ayers enjoys making stained glass windows and drives a Volkswagen Golf at a sensible, “subsonic speed”. He is also the aerodynamicist...
James Dyson electric car details and launch date

Is a Dyson car in the works?

First he swept through the vacuum cleaner market; then his hand-dryers blew away paper towels; since last year he has been putting the wind up...
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Driving Green: Why have "green" cars been developed?

Burning fossil fuels releases all sorts of pollutants and carbon dioxide (or CO2) into the atmosphere. The former is being blamed for...
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Video: Watching the Porsche 911 engine come to life...

A six-minute video that reveals the inner workings of Porsche's new Zuffenhausen engine plant might seem the preserve of ardent car enthusiasts but...