European court calls for car fuel economy test to be replaced after studies find large over-estimations

The WLTP economy and emissions test, designed to be more accurate and real-world representative than its predecessor, is falling short.
Is your car exempt from London’s Ultra-Low Emissions Zone charges?

Is your car exempt from London's Ulez?

London was the first city in the world to establish an “ultra low emission zone” (Ulez), and now it covers all boroughs — is your car exempt?
BMW eDrive Zones introduces in London and Birmingham, using geo-fencing technology for plug-in hybrid cars

More polluting cars to pay more to park

The London borough of Lambeth is about to introduce new parking charges which will see those driving more polluting vehicles paying more.
Rivian manufacturing

Car industry faces massive emissions overshoot

The car industry will spend its entire carbon emissions budget by 2032 and overshoot it by some 75% by 2050 unless it takes drastic action.
Robert Llewellyn my petrol car hell

Robert Llewellyn: My petrol car hell

Robert Llewellyn hadn't driven a petrol car for 12 years ... until now. Here's his account of the experience.
Sebastian Vettel will drive eco-friendly ex-Mansell Williams F1 car ahead of British GP

Vettel will drive eco-friendly ex-Mansell F1

F1 driver Sebastian Vettel will take to the Silverstone circuit on Sunday in the car with which Nigel Mansell won the British Grand Prix.
Pouring AdBlue into a car

What is AdBlue and does your car need it?

Governments and the car industry work toward increasingly stringent emissions regulations.
Eco petrol to replace current fuel at pumps

E10 fuel: What is it and how will it affect you?

Last year, the Department for Transport announced the introduction of E10, a lower carbon fuel for petrol vehicles.
Volkswagen faces criticism after racist ad

BMW and Volkswagen Group fined over cartel talks

The European Commission has fined BMW and the Volkswagen Group a total of €875 million over colluding on vehicle emissions.
Tax car makers that don't produce enough electric cars, say former cabinet ministers

Ex-ministers: Introduce carbon tax for car makers

Two former cabinet ministers have said that car makers should face carbon taxes if they don't manufacture enough electric vehicles.
VW Group pushes for stricter emissions regulations

VW thought to support toughening EU emissions regs

The Volkswagen Group is now in support of toughening vehicle emissions standards in Europe while smaller rivals struggle to comply.
New traffic lights could spell less frequent stops for motorists

Smart traffic lights signal fewer stops

New smart traffic lights could cause motorists to wait less frequently at pedestrian crossings. 
Air quality near schools that ban cars improved by a quarter

Air quality 23% better near schools that ban cars

The air quality in areas around schools where cars have been banned during peak hours has improved by nearly a quarter.