Rented driveways in British coastal resorts see boom after lockdown

Coastal home owners are cashing in on renewed demand for parking as holidaymakers return to England’s beauty spots.
Holiday towns ban cars in anticipation of socially distanced tourism

Holiday towns ban cars as lockdown eases

England's holiday towns are banning cars from their streets as they gear up to accommodate socially distanced tourists.

BMW 3 Series driver wedges car down country lane

Somehow, this BMW driver managed to block a narrow country lane by wedging it stuck Austin Powers-style.
Cornwall ‘to evacuate polluted zones’

Cornwall ‘to evacuate polluted zones’

Dozens of families risk losing their homes under compulsory purchase powers and being moved elsewhere to protect them from air pollution.
Reader Letters: Speeding fine payment, Humber brag and lorry louts

Readers' Letters: Speeding fine payment, Humber hoopla...

I was caught on camera exceeding 60mph on the A30 near Hayle in Cornwall. I pleaded guilty by letter and sent off the £100 fine. According to the...