The Ford Focus was Britain’s most untaxed car last year

The Ford Focus was Britain's most frequently-clamped car for not having valid road tax in 2018, according to statistics released by the Driver an
What are the new car tax rules in the UK?

What are the new road tax rules?

From tomorrow, the rules on road tax for new cars will change dramatically, partly in order to increase funds coming into the Treasury.
Drivers pay £40m by card fees on road tax

Drivers pay £40m by card fees on road tax

Motorists have paid £40 million in “rip-off” credit-card charges when buying road tax in the past five years.

Reader Letters: Keyless capers and tax bombshells

"Is there anyone who finds keyless cars useful?" and other questions in this week's post bag.
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Letters of the week: November 15

This week: driving tests, diesel, the DVLA and fog
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News: ‘Double charging’ on car tax stings drivers...

The newly elected transport minister will come under pressure to reform tax for motorists

A camera caught me driving untaxed to my MoT test...

Q. I was caught on camera driving an untaxed car to a pre-arranged MoT test — something I thought was legal. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency...
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Car clinic: Should my Y-reg Corsa be taxed on emissions...

On what age of car does emissions-based taxation apply?
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News: End of paper tax disc nets chancellor £50m windfall

Government stands to make millions of pounds thanks to flaw in new car tax rules