What is AdBlue, how much is it and why do diesel cars use it?

Governments and the car industry work toward increasingly stringent emissions regulations.
How to take care of your car during the coronavirus lockdown

How to take care of your car during Covid lockdown

It’s nice to think that you can leave your car in the driveway for a couple of months with no adverse effects, but things aren't so simple.
Coronavirus: people are learning to fix their own cars during lockdown

Surge in sales of Haynes manuals as drivers DIY

Haynes has revealed to driving.co.uk that it has seen a week-on-week sales uplift of 54%, partially because of the coronavirus lockdown.
Back to school with next generation of classic car mechanics

Nurturing the next generation of classic car gurus

From technical know-how to making a good cuppa, the Heritage Skills Academy gives its apprentices all they'll need to become great car mechanics.
Could the garage workshop of the future look something like this?

Could garage of the future look like this?

According to industry experts, car repair centres in the UK will be "more akin to laboratories than workshops" by 2050.
Haynes Manual mastermind John Haynes OBE has died

Haynes Manual creator John Haynes has died

John Haynes OBE, the creator of the eponymous Haynes Manual workshop guides, has died at the age of 80.
What spanners: older drivers nervous of DIY wasting £390m on car repairs

Millennials better at car maintenance than parents

It's a commonly held belief among older drivers that young people don’t know a dipstick from a crankshaft, but new research suggests...

Haynes How-To: check and inflate your tyres

Tyres are arguably a car’s most important safety feature. They have a big influence on how well a car holds the road, responds to the steering an
Haynes How-To: jack up a car

Haynes How-To: jack up a car

Hundreds of thousands of Britain's drivers like to carry out maintenance on their car. From changing spark plugs to draining engine oil, fitting
Haynes How-To: change a headlight bulb

Haynes How-To: change a headlight bulb

Without a full set of functioning headlight bulbs you’re making night-time driving more difficult for yourself and aren’t making yourself as...
How much do new wiper blades cost and which does my car need?

Haynes How-To: change a wiper blade

It goes without saying that drivers need to be able to clearly see the road ahead to remain safe on the road. For a car to be in roadworthy condi
How to change engine oil and an oil filter

Haynes How-To: change engine oil and an oil filter

An engine is made up of highly stressed, precious components, many which are thrashing around at great speed. To lubricate and protect the moving
Car Clinic: What should I do about leaky seals on my car boot?

What should I do about leaky seals on my car boot?

The seals on my car boot let in rainwater. Any suggestions, short of a new seal?