Police warn drivers to take precautions as keyless car theft on the rise

Keyless car theft continues to rise as police warn drivers to take the necessary precautions to protect their cars.
How is keyless car theft affecting insurance?

How is keyless car theft affecting insurance?

With more and more cars becoming keyless, car thieves are shifting their focus with increasing success. This, inevitably, is affecting insurance.
Keyless car thefts help push insurance claims to seven-year high

Keyless car thefts cause insurance claim surge

The Association of British Insurers says keyless thefts have helped cause stolen car claim costs to double over the last five years.

Gatwick rogue parking boss jailed for 14 months

The boss of a rogue valet parking firm that dumped its clients' cars in fields near Gatwick Airport has been sentenced for 14 months.

Police clamps down on stolen car parts scam

West Midlands Police has launched a new campaign to clamp down on "chop shops" who sell vehicle write-offs that have been patched up using stolen
Top 10 worst places for car vandalism revealed

Top 10 worst places for car vandalism revealed

Do you live in a vandalism hot spot? Is your car likely to be keyed, have its windows broken or badge pulled off the bonnet?
Ghost brokers: police warn of rise in fake car insurance

Police warn of rise in fake car insurance

Scammers are using social media to trick drivers into buying fake car insurance policies. Police in London warn that around 850 people have repo
Car buyers warned of car clocking risk as councils fail to tackle mileage tampering

Car buyers warned of clocking risk

Buyers are being warned not to trust the mileage readout of a used car until it has been checked by an independent firm
High-tech thieves use radio trick to unlock and start your car

Hi-tech thieves use radio trick to steal cars

Criminals are stealing cars with “keyless” entry systems by holding radio transmitters close to the walls of the owner’s home to amplify the...
A staggering 1.9m cars on the road could have been clocked Is yours one of them?

Surge in clocking: is your car one of 1.9m?

More drivers than ever are tampering with the mileage of their car, according to leading vehicle valuation experts. New figures suggest...
Keyless car wireless car key history

Keyless wonder: how did we end up with "smart" keys...

'The new Fuego. The fastest 2 door car in the world.' The advertising strapline was splashed across pages of the UK’s best selling magazines and...