Top 10 worst places for car vandalism revealed

Top 10 worst places for car vandalism revealed

Do you live in car crime city?

DO YOU live in a vandalism hot spot? Is your car likely to be keyed, have its windows broken or badge pulled off the bonnet?

The worst places for car crime have been revealed, after data from a car insurer showed which towns and cities suffer the highest rates of repeated vandalism in the UK.

Nottingham, Edinburgh, Walthamstow and Manchester topped the crime charts – much to the annoyance of residents who have suffered such mindless behaviour.

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Churchill analysed claims made by customers for incidents of vandalism. And it suggests that more than one in four drivers have had their car vandalised.

The league table of the top 10 hot spots for motor mischief suggests that it doesn’t matter whether you live in Scotland, London or the South East, as there’s trouble around the UK.

Top 10 UK car vandalism postcodes

1= Nottingham NG15
1= Edinburgh EH11
1= Walthamstow, London E17
1= Manchester M27
5 Aberdeen AB11
6= Canary Wharf, London E14
6= Bristol BS16
8 Basingstoke RG22
9 Maidstone ME18
10 Southampton SO16

“This research proves that there isn’t a stereotypical area for vehicle vandalism and that it could happen anywhere,” said Steve Barrett of Churchill car insurance.

“We want to highlight the top ten areas in order to raise awareness of the issue and to urge local law enforcement agencies to take further action to clamp down on vehicle vandalism.”

To help drivers combat the vandals, the insurer suggests motorists use a driveway or garage, if they have one, or park in a well-lit place. It adds that getting to know your neighbours means you can have an extra pair of eyes keep an eye on your property, and installing a security camera is a good idea for those who have suffered multiple incidents of vandalism.