12 ways to save money on your car insurance

Insurance premiums are one of the most expensive, unpredictable and often frustrating parts of car ownership. But you can keep costs down.
BMW i4

Best company cars 2023

Company cars make up nearly 50% of all annual car sales in the UK and it’s a segment of the market that has seen huge changes.
Dazzled drivers believe car headlights are becoming too bright

Are LED headlight bulbs legal?

One major complaint often heard from motorists is about LED headlights and the blinding glare they cause to oncoming drivers.
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Top fuel saving tips

If you drive a petrol- or diesel-powered car, brimming the tank is likely your biggest running cost.
How to save or make money on your car

How to make money from your car

As the cost of living bites, here’s how you could save money on – or make money from - your car.
Car Clinic: I've lost my locking wheel nut key — how can I change a flat tyre?

Tyre insurance explained

Tyre insurance is an increasingly common offering from car dealerships alongside a plethora of other policies such as dent protection.
UK motorists hit by "hellish" petrol and diesel price rise

Should I buy a diesel car in 2022?

A diesel vehicle may be the best fit for you, but would buying one right now be a mistake?

Air-con problems solved

Once an expensive luxury, air-conditioning is now standard to most new cars, and it’s more necessary than ever.
Nuna Rebl child car seat review

How long can a baby be left in a car seat?

With children in tow, an essential component of any trip will be a car seat that is legally required for most younger children.
Bike rack

Bike racks explained

Cycling has been booming in popularity for a number of years and many riders, from amateur to elite, may be looking for the best cycle carriers.

Plug-in hybrids explained

Range anxiety is still often cited by people as a reason for not wanting to make the switch to a fully-electric car.
What is a mild-hybrid car?

Mild hybrids explained

Last year, some 18% of all cars sold in the UK were mild hybrids. Here we explain what that means.
Supermarkets confirm petrol price cuts as wholesale fuel values fall

What to do if you put the wrong fuel in your car

Every three minutes, according to the AA, a motorist in the UK makes the mistake of putting the wrong type of fuel their car.