What’s the best bike rack for my car?

Cycling has been booming in popularity for a number of years and many riders, from amateur to elite, may be looking for the best cycle carriers.
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Top fuel saving tips

With fuel prices hitting record highs thanks to geopolitical strife, many motorists will be looking for ways to improve fuel economy.
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Should I buy a diesel car in 2022?

A diesel vehicle may be the best fit for you, but would buying one right now be a mistake?

Plug-in hybrids explained

Range anxiety is still often cited by people as a reason for not wanting to make the switch to a fully-electric car.
What is a mild-hybrid car?

Mild hybrids explained

Last year, some 18% of all cars sold in the UK were mild hybrids. Here we explain what that means.
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What to do if you put the wrong fuel in your car

Every three minutes, according to the AA, a motorist in the UK makes the mistake of putting the wrong type of fuel their car.
One in five drivers hasn't read Highway Code in a decade

New Highway Code changes: what you need to know

A number of new changes to the Highway Code went into effect from January 29 with the introduction of a new risk-based hierarchy of road users.
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Torque explained

It's understood that more horsepower means more speed in a car, but what's torque all about? We explain.
Checking your engine's oil

How to choose the right oil

Car engines produce a great deal of heat and friction and it’s oil that keeps all the internal parts moving smoothly.
Is it illegal to park on zig-zag lines outside schools?

Zig-zag lines explained

Yellow zig-zag lines on the road are most often seen outside schools, yet many motorists are still unsure as to what they mean.
Ford introduces key fob with "sleep mode" that prevents keyless car thefts

Key fob signal blocking explained

Some of the recent surge in car thefts has been attributed to the rise of keyless entry. Here's how to reduce the chances of it happening.
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Breaking the speed limit doesn't necessarily mean that you'll receive a fine. We explain why.

The law on parking on private land

Parking on private land in the UK is a contentious issue for drivers and landowners alike. Here we explain the ins and outs.