Are the RAC and AA breakdown services still working during Covid-19 lockdown?

Breakdown services tell us how their home and roadside breakdown assistance services have been affected during Covid-19.

What is the WLTP fuel economy and emissions test?

There was plenty of disruption in 2018 when the WLTP rules for new cars came into effect. But what are they and what does it mean for car buyers?
Driving advice for Advanced Stop Lines (bike boxes)

Are you allowed to stop your car in bike boxes?

Drivers and cyclists might call them ‘bike boxes’ but the Advanced Stop Lines that were imported from Denmark and have sprung up at traffic light
Car Clinic: What does three warning beeps on a Citroën C3 mean?

Car Clinic: Citroën C3 warning beeps

My Citroën C3 is sounding three warning beeps after about two miles of driving. Any ideas?
Car Clinic: How can I stop my car windscreen from misting up?

Car Clinic: How can I prevent windscreen misting?

The windscreen in my Vauxhall Corsa mists up badly in damp weather and takes ages to clear. What can I do about it?
Car Clinic: After clearing petrol out of my diesel car's fuel system, should I pay for optional additive?

Car Clinic: I put petrol in my diesel car...

When I put petrol in my diesel Audi A5, Fuel Doctor drained the tank. I declined to pay £20 for an additive to prevent “dangerous fumes..."
Car Clinic: Should I worry about a steering wheel lock warning on my BMW 3-series?

Car Clinic: 3-series steering wheel warning light

The warning light for the electronic steering wheel lock on my 2007 BMW 3-series is illuminated, though the lock works fine. Should I worry?
Car Clinic: What could be causing my BMW not to start?

Car Clinic: My BMW is hard to start. Why?

It’s increasingly hard to start my BMW. I’ve replaced the battery and had the fuel line checked. What next?
The Fixer: Land Rover drivers share their experience of poor reliability and customer care

Land Rover drivers report on their faulty cars

For a luxury car that comes loaded with toys and carries a price tag to match, Range Rovers are leaving some customers disappointed.
Car Clinic: What is the grating sound when changing from first to second gear in my Porsche Cayman S?

Car Clinic: What is the grating sound when changing...

Sometimes when cold there is a grating sound when changing from first to second gear on my Porsche Cayman S. Any ideas?
Car Clinic: I had an accident but the third party's insurance may be void due to undisclosed health problem. What can I do?

Car Clinic: A third party's insurance may be void

My car was hit by a driver who admits responsibility but says he “blacked out”. His insurer won’t pay and is checking for an undisclosed health...
2012 Skoda Superb timing chain tensioner problem

My Skoda Superb may have a fault that was fixed on...

I think there is an inherent fault with the timing chain tensioner in my 2012 Skoda Superb. There has been corrective work in America. Why not here?
Car Clinic: My BMW 335i smells of rotten eggs — what can I do?

My BMW 335i smells of rotten eggs — what can I do?

I often get a whiff of rotten eggs from my 2010 BMW 335i. Any suggestions?