Five of the best car TV adverts ever shown in the UK

Many car advertisements have managed to do excite, delight and entertain over the years; here are five of the best car ads ever shown in the UK.
Jeep pulls Super Bowl ad after Springsteen drink driving charge

Springsteen ad pulled after drink driving charge

Jeep has pulled its Super Bowl ad after it was revealed that its star, musician Bruce Springsteen, was charged with drink driving last November.
Environmental activists install anti-car billboards across UK cities

Environment activists install anti-car billboards

Activists from the Brandalism network have installed over 100 billboards across the UK attacking what it calls "misleading" car advertising.

Top four car adverts from the 2020 Super Bowl

Much like the teams that battle it out on pitch at the Big Game, car makers have no problem with going the distance with their Super Bowl ads.
The Sunday Times Driving Placeholder

Video: All the car makers' ads for the 2016 Super Bowl

Lady Gaga will sing the national anthem, F-15 Eagle fighter planes are practising "safe sky" manoeuvres and Coldplay and Beyoncé are to perform together...
The Sunday Times Driving Placeholder

Video: Watch all the car ads from the 2015 Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday explodes into action this Sunday and the Seattle Seahawks are preparing to do battle with the New England Patriots to retain American...