Reader Letters: Roadster heaven, weaving motorbikes, used car mileage, parking tickets and Flummox FM

The car that beats the Mazda MX-5 and Fiat 124 Spider, the dangers of filtering, how used cars are like dating apps, a parking problem...
Dog umbrella: Best April Fools jokes by car companies

Ha ha cars: the best April Fools jokes from car companies

Car companies like April Fools, as it's a chance to let down their hair and shake off corporate guidelines. So here are this years humorous indulgences...
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Buying guide: The best used city cars for under £5,000

The best value small cars for real-world motorists on a budget.
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How can I get the best value car insurance for my son...

If young drivers thought passing the driving test was tough, buying their first car and getting it insured is another challenge altogether.
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Geneva show: Citroën reveals new C1 city car

Better late than never: Citroën has taken the wraps off its new C1, city-car sister of the recently unveiled Peugeot 108 and just-teased, new Toyota...