Cut town speed limits from 30mph to 20mph say road safety campaigners

Several transport and travel charities in Britain have joined forces to lobby for a default 20mph speed limit in built-up areas across England.
More than four-fifths of drivers can't stick to a 20mph speed limit

Four-fifths of drivers can't stick to 20mph limit

An overwhelming majority of British drivers struggle to stick to 20mph speed limits, according to new speed compliance figures for 2018.
20mph speed limit to be enforced in London's Congestion Charge Zone by 2020

20mph limit in London Congestion Zone by 2020

A 20mph speed limit will soon be enforced in central London, as part of plans to heavily reduce the amount of road deaths in the city.
Reader Letters: Red lights, traffic calming, driving in France, diesel dongles and a cardinal rule

Reader Letters: Red mist and diesel dongles

"Jim Murray asks why he shouldn’t drive through an empty pelican crossing on red. One reason would be that..."
Manchester slams the brakes on new 20mph zones

Manchester slams the brakes on new 20mph zones

Councils were urged to suspend the national introduction of 20mph zones yesterday after research in one of Britain’s biggest cities found...
Sunday Times Driving Reader Letters: 20mph speeders, braking bad, emissions cheats

Reader Letters: 20mph speeders and emissions cheats

Am I the only driver in Leeds who obeys the 20mph speed limit? A road near me was changed to 20mph a month ago and when I’m on it, 100% of the people...
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Letters of the week, May 10

This week: Good Top Gear/Bad Top Gear, diesel concerns, drivers' newspapers of choice, 20mph zones, classic car comfort and more.
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20mph speed limits spread across Britain

Speed limits are being drastically cut on thousands of roads, urban and rural, often without consultation or even evidence that lives will be saved