Sebastian Vettel will drive eco-friendly ex-Mansell Williams F1 car ahead of British GP

F1 driver Sebastian Vettel will take to the Silverstone circuit on Sunday in the car with which Nigel Mansell won the British Grand Prix.
Bloodhound LSR project still alive and now aiming for first carbon zero land seed record

Bloodhound SSC project is alive, and going green

A cat may have nine lives but one dog is proving just as resistant to death: the Bloodhound project is still "very much alive", and going green.
Electrogenic announces drop-in EV conversion kit for working Land Rovers

New 'drop-in' EV conversion kit for Defenders

The Oxfordshire-based classic EV conversion company, Electrogenic, has announced a new “drop in” kit for converting classic Land Rovers.
Benedetto Vigna, Ferrari Capital Markets Day 2022

Ferrari confirms EV plans but continues ICE

Ferrari will continue to produce its pure-combustion engines beyond 2030 but will ramp up the share of electric models to 80%.
Electric car charging point parking bays

Price of rapid charging EVs jumps 21%

The average cost of topping up an electric car’s battery using a public rapid charger has increased by more than a fifth in the past eight months
Renault's eco-friendly Scenic Vision concept is battery-electric for everyday driving but deploys hydrogen for long trips

Renault Scenic Vision is a hydrogen-BEV hybrid

Renault believes its new zero-emission Scenic Vision concept car offers a convenient solution to quick refuelling on long trips.
NamX HUV designed by Pininfarina

NamX HUV uses removable hydrogen fuel capsules

Automotive start-up NamX has revealed its first concept car, the HUV, with styling by Pininfarina and removable hydrogen capsules.
Petrol stations in UK warn of fuel supply issues as lorry driver shortage bites

Oil protests lead to fuel shortages

The environmental activist group Just Stop Oil has created disruptions at three oil terminals in the south of England.
Porsche is developing a synthetic e-fuel plant in Chile with Siemens

Porsche invests in synthetic e-fuels

Porsche has announced that it has acquired a 12.5% stake in HIF Global LLC, a Chilean synthetic e-fuels company.
Matchbox reveals recycled zinc toy car pack

Matchbox announces expanded range of eco toy cars

Toy-maker Mattel has announced the launch of a range of new carbon-neutral toy lines under its Mega and Matchbox brands.
2022 Polestar O2 concept

Polestar O2 speedster concept unveiled

Polestar has unveiled a new convertible concept that is intended to become a “halo car” for the brand, highlighting its design and tech.

Extreme H series coming in 2024

Extreme H, a companion series to the all-electric Extreme E off-road racing championship, will launch in 2024 using hydrogen fuel cells in place
Urgent need for pay-per-mile road pricing, MPs say

Urgent need for pay-per-mile road pricing, MPs say

The UK must urgently introduce pay-per-mile road pricing to make up the £35bn budget shortfall created by the switch to electric cars, MPs say.