Car Clinic: I’ve lost my locking wheel nut key — how can I change a flat tyre?

"The key to my locking wheel nut is missing; now I have a flat tyre and cannot change it. Any ideas?"
Car Clinic: Is there a better tyre sealant than the one supplied with the Mazda6?

Car Clinic: Is there a better tyre sealant?

I’ve not had good reports about the tyre sealant supplied with my Mazda6. Is there a different spray that would not mean the tyre needed...
Car Clinic: What does three warning beeps on a Citroën C3 mean?

Car Clinic: Citroën C3 warning beeps

My Citroën C3 is sounding three warning beeps after about two miles of driving. Any ideas?
Audi TTS - Car Clinic: Does my car need its scheduled service if I've not put many miles on it?

Car Clinic: Service needed if I've not driven far?

"I’ve driven my Audi TTS only 1,800 miles in 18 months but the service light has appeared. Do I need an oil service or can I go on a bit longer?"

How to repair scratches and scuffs

After one of our own cars was involved in a low-speed scrape, Driving got in touch with ChipsAway to witness the specialist repair process...
Car Clinic: Why have my alloy wheels turned black?

Car Clinic: Why have my alloy wheels turned black?

The alloy wheels on our 2014 Ford B-Max turned from silver to black shortly after purchase. Why?
Car Clinic: How can I stop my car windscreen from misting up?

Car Clinic: How can I prevent windscreen misting?

The windscreen in my Vauxhall Corsa mists up badly in damp weather and takes ages to clear. What can I do about it?
Car Clinic: After clearing petrol out of my diesel car's fuel system, should I pay for optional additive?

Car Clinic: I put petrol in my diesel car...

When I put petrol in my diesel Audi A5, Fuel Doctor drained the tank. I declined to pay £20 for an additive to prevent “dangerous fumes..."
Car Clinic: My car's air-con is blowing warm air, even after regassing. Why?

Car Clinic: My air-con is blowing warm air. Why?

Q. I’ve had my Vauxhall’s air-conditioning regassed but it’s still blowing warm air. The pressure is fine...
Car Clinic: Should I worry about a steering wheel lock warning on my BMW 3-series?

Car Clinic: 3-series steering wheel warning light

The warning light for the electronic steering wheel lock on my 2007 BMW 3-series is illuminated, though the lock works fine. Should I worry?

Car Clinic: Is my car dealer ripping me off?

Our dealer has quoted £293 to replace a fog light on our Honda Jazz ­— are we being ripped off?
Car Clinic: What caused warning lights when using a space-saver spare wheel?Car Clinic: What caused warning lights when using a space-saver spare wheel?

Car Clinic: Space-saver warning lights

Q. When I used a space-saver spare wheel on my Citroën DS4...
Audi Q5 transmission fault

Car Clinic: My Audi Q5 cuts out at junctions

The engine on my automatic Audi Q5 sometimes cuts out when I brake at junctions. My garage says the unit is fine and the stop-start is...