Welcome to the all-new Driving.co.uk

More than a respray: welcome to the all-new Driving.co.uk

A host of upgrades, relaunched in partnership with Kia

Welcome to the all-new Driving.co.uk


WELCOME to the new-look Driving website with even more car news, reviews and advice.  The site still has all of our usual content, written by independent experts, but the overhaul includes major updates to the look and feel, as well as mechanicals underneath. All of which has been made possible with Kia, our relaunch partner.

The kind of car we buy defines who we are – and the way we live is a huge factor in deciding which car best fits our needs. If car technology continues at its current breakneck pace, then in a few years our cars will no longer be something we simply drive – they will be a reflection of our personalities, an extension of our homes, a family space and a retreat.

We’ve still got Jeremy Clarkson, car reviews, news and features, but over the coming months we’ll have more stories that show how our attitudes to our cars are changing and to help you choose your next car – not just by how it goes, but also by how it gets you going. At every stage, Driving.co.uk is here to help.


Our partnership with Kia

When it came to selecting a launch partner for the new website, we looked for a car manufacturer with the same attitude of continuous improvement as us. Kia, with its ‘design-led’ mantra, which is  encapsulated throughout their new models for this year, like the All-New Sportage, naturally became the perfect partner.

Kia’s tagline is ‘The Power to Surprise’ showing how they strive to go beyond drivers’ expectations. And that chimes with how we run Driving.co.uk – giving you all the great news and reviews from The Sunday Times, but also adding daily content, new features and great video.

We’re delighted to have Kia along for the ride.