The right ingredients: John Torode hits the road in the all-new Kia Sportage

Celebrity chef: "It's worth going that extra mile"

A MAN will go a long way for a good dinner, and celebrity chef John Torode will go further than most in his quest for the perfect ingredients. So letting him loose behind the wheel of the All-New Kia Sportage on a foodie road-trip is a recipe for a great day out.

He checks out the local shops as he navigates the busy London streets. “It’s a mistake to set off with a fixed idea of what you’ll make for supper,” he says. “I go with what I find; that’s the joy.”

A self-confessed “rubbish” parker, he uses the Sportage’s Smart Park Assist to effortlessly land a spot outside the butcher’s in Marylebone where he picks up a couple of organic lamb fillets.

The next port of call is further afield — a farm shop in Hertfordshire. Torode types the destination into the sat nav and hits the M1.

He is driving the top-of-the-range, All-Wheel-Drive ‘First Edition’ 2.0 CRDi Auto. With its 19in alloys and sleek sporty design, Torode finds it “stylish, comfy and remarkably well specced”.

After selecting some farm-fresh veg to perfectly complement the lamb, Torode hits the road back to London. “I absolutely love driving,” he says. “Love it! For me it represents freedom.”


John Torode’s ‘Foragers Lamb’ recipe

The Right Ingredients: John Torode and the Kia Sportage


For the lamb

2 pieces of lamb neck fillet, oiled and seasoned
2 Jerusalem artichokes, sliced
2 banana shallots, sliced
50g salted butter
20ml olive oil

For the dressing
100ml olive oil
20ml vinegar
Salt and pepper
1tsp Dijon mustard
8 radishes, sliced
Small handful of watercress, washed
100g feta cheese, crumbled



The Right Ingredients: John Torode and the Kia Sportage

1. Pan-fry the lamb neck fillets in a hot pan for 8 minutes, turning all the time so they colour all over
2. Leave to one side to rest
3. Put the butter and oil in the pan with all the lamb bits and add the shallots and artichoke. Cook gently for 5 minutes until the shallots are soft and the artichokes have some colour and are soft
4. Mix all the dressing ingredients together
5. Slice the lamb and place in bowl. Add a spoonful of dressing over the top
6. Add all the other ingredients and gently mix with your hands
7. Pick up a handful and let it fall into a serving plate and finish with a teaspoon of the dressing
8. Enjoy!