[1/10] Road trip! All set for Pippa and Astor’s big New Forest day out.
[2/10] The great outdoors awaits, and look, it’s so close…
[3/10] Road closed! It’s a go slow thanks to the cheeky New Forest ponies.
[4/10] “Hello there Astor. I’m just horsing around being nosey…”
[5/10] After a morning of fun, everyone needs the odd pit stop.
[6/10] Sleek, stylish and reliable – the Kia compliments Pippa wonderfully.
[7/10] Look Astor, the locals are simply gorgeous.
[8/10] There’s nothing like relaxing, stretching and enjoying the scenery.
[9/10] Homeward bound and the dashboard SatNav means it couldn’t be easier.
[10/10] An amazing escape at The Pig Hotel in Brockenhurst – the perfect backdrop for the stylish Niro.

Ride in style: Pippa Vosper takes the wheel of the new Kia Niro

The Kia Instagram Challenge – in the first of a series, see how style queen Pippa Vosper chose to spend 24 hours with the all-new Kia Niro

Life is busy for top stylist and influencer Pippa Vosper. As well as working with the likes of American Vogue and running her own fashion brand RSPV Store, she’s mum to four-year-old Astor. So, when Kia invited her to enjoy a big day out in its All-New Niro, she couldn’t wait to escape the city. She captured her fun-filled trip to the New Forest in a series of Instagram snaps. Here are some of the highlights.