FIA World Rallycross series goes electric and the cars are ‘next level’ fast, say drivers

The FIA’s World Rallycross series is set to go fully electric from this weekend, with the debut of the series’ new top-tier RX1e cars in Norway.
World Rallycross Supercars won't go pure-electric in 2021 after all

Rallycross won't go all-electric in 2021 after all

With too few car makers committing to the new rules the World Rallycross Championship has had to put its pure-electric plans on hold.
Dirt Rally 2.0 video game due February 2019

Dirt Rally 2.0 video game due February 2019

The hardcore rally sim Dirt Rally 2.0 has been revealed, ahead of the title's official release in February 2019.
World Rallycross delays electric car switch until 2021

Rallycross delays electric car switch

The World Rallycross Championship's switch to electric power has been pushed back to 2021 — a year later than originally planned.
World Rallycross Championship will go all-electric in 2020

World Rallycross goes all-electric in 2020

The World Rallycross Championship will ditch combustion engines in 2020, in favour of all-electric powertrains.
World Rallycross 2016 trailer for Quest TV

Video: 600bhp Mini RX Supercar takes on grandma in...

Lock up your grandmas: even the frailest senior citizens will be getting Rallycross fever this year, if this trailer for the TV coverage of the 2016...
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World rallycross: doing for motor sport what Twenty20...

The accelerator doubles as a self-destruct button as the revs rise, shaking the car to its core. Over the angry roar of the engine there’s a groan...