World Rallycross Supercars won't go pure-electric in 2021 after all

World Rallycross Supercars won't go pure-electric in 2021 after all

There will be an electric support series, however

THE ORGANISERS of the World Rallycross Championship have reversed plans to switch to electric cars from 2021.

Highly publicised plans to replace the petrol-powered ‘Supercars’ with pure-electric models were dropped because too few car manufacturers were able to commit to the new regulations, according to promoter IMG Motorsports.

The announcement comes seven months after the launch of the electric World Rallycross series was pushed back to 2021 from an originally-planned debut in 2020. According to the FIA, motor sport’s governing body, that was to “allow optimal time for all manufacturers investigating the possibility of competing to develop their plans”.

While the 600bhp+ all-wheel drive WRX Supercars will be propelled by internal combustion for the foreseeable future, fans of the sport will get the chance to see electric cars compete; IMG and the FIA have announced a separate “Projekt E” rallycross series.

Projekt E will act as a support series to the World Rallycross Championship, and run in conjunction with the World Rallycross rounds, according to the statement. Unless the organisers change their minds, that is.

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