President Biden aims for electric vehicles to make up half of new car sales in US by 2030

President Biden has announced a plan to advance America’s take-up of more environmentally-friendly vehicles, including a zero-emissions target.
Tesla and other EV stocks could rise as Joe Biden begins presidency

Electric car makers could boom under Biden

Within hours of being sworn in as the 46th president of the United States on Thursday, Joe Biden began making his mark on American auto.
Mackinac Island horse-drawn carriage

Why are cars banned from Mackinac Island?

US vice president Mike Pence brought a cavalcade to Mackinac Island over the weekend — even though cars have been banned there since 1898.
What is "The Beast", the new limousine that will transport President Trump to the White House?

New "The Beast" may not feature at inauguration

It has taken more than three years to create the brand new state limousine for the President of the United States but we may have to wait...
President Obama orders new armoured limousine, nicknamed The Beast

President Obama orders new armoured limousine

The President of the United States is in the market for a new car. But not just any car.