Man chases down truck thief with family helicopter

A thief found himself being pursued by a helicopter after stealing a truck from a petrol station in Eastern Canada.
Truck shoves Mercedes sports car down motorway

Video: Truck shoves Mercedes a mile down motorway

Police in Texas are investigating an unusual incident where a lorry shunted a Mercedes convertible for a mile along a highway.

Video: 70 injured in tanker explosion in Italy

At least 70 people have been injured in a devastating tanker explosion on an autostradale in Bologna, Italy.
Truck driver narrowly avoids flying shed wreckage on highway

Video: Lorry driver narrowly avoids flying camper

A lorry driver in Nebraska, USA managed to avoid a potentially nasty incident, after what appears to be the roof and walls of a DIY camper flew.
Truck driver miraculously escapes from burning wreckage

Truck driver miraculously escapes burning wreckage

The fiery aftermath of a semi truck ('articulated lorry' to us) crashing into a bridge has been captured on video.
This is what happens when an HGV trailer hits a bridge at full speed

Video: What happens when an HGV hits a bridge?

This is the incredible moment a lorry trailer destroyed a pedestrian bridge in Montreal, Canada on Wednesday.
Truck dash cam captures drug driving crash on M1 motorway in Australia

Video: Truck dash cam captures drug driving crash

A truck's dash cam captured the moment a car driver high on drugs pulled out into the HGV's path while rejoining an Australian highway.