Truck shoves Mercedes sports car a mile down motorway

Lorry driver claims he didn't realise the Merc was there

A MOTORIST in Texas filmed the shocking moment a truck pushed a Mercedes sports car side-on along a section of motorway.

The HGV driver is reported to have shunted a Mercedes convertible for a mile along Interstate 35, near San Antonio, Texas.

The driver of the Mercedes suffered minor injuries in the ordeal, according to reports. Amazingly, the lorry driver said he had no idea he was pushing the sports car down the highway for some time, and only brought his 18-wheeler to a stop when he finally realised something was awry.

Local police investigating the crash believe the incident began near a junction at which both vehicles attempted to merge into the same lane, from different sides. It’s understood the Mercedes was the vehicle joining the highway from the slip road.

Credit: Adrian Lopez via Facebook

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