Decision on e-scooter legality could take up to a year

The government has been accused of failing to properly regulate the use of electric scooters.
Carlos Ghosn Brazilian Chamber of Commerce Japan 2014

Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn 'was right to flee Japan'

The former Nissan boss was justified in escaping Japan's judicial system, according to the British CEO who uncovered a fraud scandal at Olympus.

Pop-up charging point trials underway in Oxford

One of the chief obstacles to mass uptake of EVs is being addressed in trials of "pop-up" charging points for drivers without off-street parking.
Highways England has its eyes set on autonomous dump trucks

Highways England trials self-driving dump trucks

Highways England has begun field trials of a self-driving dump truck at the construction of a new bypass in Cambridgeshire.
Motorists to be paid up to £3,000 to give up cars

Motorists to be paid up to £3,000 to give up cars

Private vehicle owners in Coventry will be given as much as £3,000 in exchange for surrendering their car and switching to public transport.