Lack of EV battery factories in UK may lead to closure of Vauxhall plants — and others

French company in charge of Vauxhall warns it may have to close UK factories if the government does not alter current Brexit rules.
Peugeot Inception concept

Inception concept hints at future Peugeots

Peugeot has taken the covers off a new concept car that presents a vision for its future electric vehicles.
New automobiles in a car park at the Port of Tilbury

Buyers 'forced' to pay for undelivered cars

Buyers of cars from the Stellantis group are being forced to pay for new vehicles that have not yet seen.
Future of Vauxhall's Ellesmere Port factory secure after decision to build electric vans

Ellesmere Port secure after EV investment

More than 1,000 jobs will be protected at Vauxhall's Ellesmere Port factory after it decided to build electric vehicles at the plant.
Eight hundred jobs in jeopardy at Vauxhall factory in Ellesmere Port

Eight hundred jobs in jeopardy at Vauxhall factory

Eight hundred jobs could be lost at Vauxhall's Ellesmere Port factory as the company is decides whether or not to close the plant.
Merger of PSA and Fiat Chrysler could spell end for Chrysler car brand

PSA-Fiat Chrysler merger could end Chrysler

The Chrysler car brand may be in jeopardy after a merger of its parent company Fiat Chrysler (FCA) with the PSA Group.