Number of drivers taking speed awareness courses has trebled since 2010

More motorists than ever are taking speed awareness courses after being busted breaking the speed limit — and by a massive margin.
Ministers slam brakes on costly speed awareness courses

Ministers slam brakes on anti‑speeding courses

Ministers will launch a crackdown on speed awareness classes after concerns that they do not change drivers’ habits and are a way for police forc
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Letters of the week, September 28

The issues that got you talking this week.
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How's my driving? It was fine when I was the F1 champion

It was a while ago that I was Formula One world champion so I’m used to the fact that I don’t always get asked for an autograph these days...
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Motoring offenders are a windfall for the police

One million motorists paid to attend driver awareness courses last year. So where's all the money going?