How can I make sure I have found the perfect driving position?

Back trouble is almost up there with the common cold, afflicting four out of five people at some point during their life.
Van driver back pain costing the UK £21bn per year

Van driver back pain costs the UK £21bn per year

The majority of British van drivers have had to take time off work because of back pain caused by an improperly-adjusted driver's seat.
Reader Letters: electric car charging standards and towing, M42 refuge, handbrakes on automatics and comfy seats

Reader Letters: electric car charging standards an

"We are charging ahead with electric cars without the necessary planning. The government needs to step in and introduce a fast-charging standard"

Bose active suspension technology for car seats

In a Las Vegas parking lot, an innocuous-looking minibus is pootling around a course made up of speed bumps and other undulating terrain...
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What's the most cost-effective way to change the cloth...

Q. I’d like to change the cloth seats in my 2003 VW Golf for leather, but the cheapest ones I can find cost £1,000 for a set. Any money-saving...