Paris votes to ban e-scooters — is London next?

After Paris votes to ban electric scooters, UK road safety charity says the vehicles are “similarly unpopular” in Britain.
German court calls Tesla Autopilot claims misleading

Tesla recalls 362,000 cars with Full Self-Driving

Hundreds of thousands of Teslas are being "recalled" after the US vehicle safety regulator said Full Self-Driving increased the risk of crashes.
BHS urges motorists to slow down and give horses space

Horse deaths rise despite Highway Code changes

Deaths and injuries among horses and riders on British roads are continuing to rise, says the British Horse Society (BHS).
YouTuber Emery Lindeman gets caught out in the snow in his Tesla Model 3.

Tesla in snow shows value of winter tyres

An American YouTuber has released a new video underscoring how little grip summer tyres provide in wintry conditions.
Jeremy Vine criticises driver for passing five-year-old cyclist, sparking online debate

Jeremy Vine criticises close pass of young cyclist

A video of a five-year-old cyclist being passed by a motorist has sparked an online debate after broadcaster Jeremy Vine shared it.
Tesla Model Y goes on sale in UK, priced from £54,990

Tesla scraps ultrasonic sensors

Tesla has announced that it will no longer employ ultrasonic sensors on its models.
Multiple car crash completely blocks M25 motorway

Are motorways really the safest roads in the UK?

Many drivers find heading out onto the motorway daunting, but should they? Here are the safest types of road, statistically.
What is F1 Halo, when it was introduced and how does it save lives?

F1 Halo explained

The Halo prevents large objects and debris from entering the cockpit of a single-seat racing car. Here’s how it works.
Drug-driving arrests up 50%, continuing six-year trend

Drug-driving arrests up 50%

Drug-driving prosecutions in the UK hit a record high in 2021 after six consecutive years of rises.
Driver caught using laser jammers to avoid speeding tickets

Half of speed cameras are broken

Half of all speed cameras in the UK are broken according to figures obtained by the BBC’s Panorama team.
German court calls Tesla Autopilot claims misleading

Tesla Autopilot accidents down

Tesla has released its latest quarterly report showing an improvement in the safety performance of its Autopilot driver assistance system.
Smart motorway roadworks speed limit to increase from 50mph to 60mph

Smart motorway rollout paused

The government is to suspend the rollout of new smart motorways until at least 2025 amid concerns by safety campaigners and MPs.
DVLA encourages road users to regularly take the number plate eyesight test

Take number plate eyesight test, urges DVLA

The DVLA is encouraging more road users to regularly have their eyesight tested, as part of a new safety awareness campaign.