Are these the 15 ugliest cars ever made?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say, but that doesn't explain how a car can be brought to market that looks like it drove through...
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10 of the worst production cars of all time

Not all turkeys have two legs, a scrumptious body and a date with a carving knife. Some have four wheels, dubious construction and a one-way ticket...
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First drive review: SsangYong Turismo EX (2013)

SSANGYONG: mean anything to you? Up to now the company has probably been most famous for bringing to British roads a big old beast called the Rodius...
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SsangYong Rodius review (2005-2013)

If you can get past its exterior, the Rodius does have a couple of saving graces: it's huge, and it's very cheap.