‘This is how I’m going to die’ – pensioner trapped in hot car for 14 hours

A pensioner thought he was going to die while locked inside his car last month, as temperatures outside the vehicle reached 25°C.
Pensioner makes wrong turn onto railway line in Toyota Aygo

Pensioner drives on railway line in Toyota Aygo

Part of Newcastle's metro network was brought to a standstill yesterday, after a pensioner drove a Toyota Aygo along a portion of the track.
Gertrude Lister: Campaigners demand tests for old drivers to cut fatalities

Campaigners demand tests for old drivers

The family of a cemetery worker killed when a car driven by a 95-year-old woman hit him as he worked want driving laws changed after she was give
Reader Letters: Mobile distractions, lucky colours and ageist insurers

Reader Letters: Mobile hazards and ageist insurers

Roger Grosvenor asked why it was permissible to drive a tourist coach while holding a mike but not to use a mobile in a car...