Speed limit in Wales lowered to 20mph in built-up areas

The Welsh parliament has passed legislation that will see the speed limit in built-up areas reduced from 30mph to 20mph from next year.
Mercedes tests Drive Pilot

Mercedes to take blame for self-driving crashes

Mercedes has announced that it will take legal responsibility for any crashes that occur while the self-driving system is engaged.
High Court rules it technically isn't illegal to film on a mobile phone while driving

£1k fine as law tightens on mobile use in cars

Motorists in England, Scotland and Wales caught using a handheld mobile phone could face a £1,000 fine and six penalty points or a ban from today
One in five drivers hasn't read Highway Code in a decade

New Highway Code changes: what you need to know

A number of new changes to the Highway Code went into effect from January 29 with the introduction of a new risk-based hierarchy of road users.

SORN rules explained

If don’t intend to drive for a period of time, you can save money by declaring their car off the road using a Statutory Off Road Notification.
Energy firms seek power to cut off electric car charging

EV chargers to be mandatory in new builds

The government has confirmed that it will introduce legislation to include electric vehicle charging points on all new-build homes and offices.

Black boxes to be standard equipment on new cars

All new cars may be required to be fitted with a 'black box' data recorder, as part of European Union measures to improve road safety.

UK car industry welcomes Government's Brexit plan

The UK car industry has welcomed the Brexit plans outlined today, though warns more needs to be done to "ensure the industry's future success".