Car Clinic: How do I know if I am being ripped off by my car dealer?

Our dealer has quoted £293 to replace a fog light on our Honda Jazz ­— are we being ripped off?
Dacia Duster

Reader Letters: Duster derivation and dirty signs

The Dacia Duster appears excellent value, but I think Dom Joly is mistaken regarding the origins of its name (“Leaves plenty of cash in the...
Reader Letters: Suzuki recall concern, concealed signage and bienon lights in fog

Reader Letters: Recalls, road signs and fog lights

In May I received a safety recall for my Suzuki Grand Vitara: the engine fuel pipes needed replacing because of “improper design...
Penalty charge notice on car windscreen. Sunday Times Driving Reader Letters: bicycle tax, diesel cars and stealthy road signs

Reader Letters: bicycle tax, diesel cars, puddle beware...

Susannah West Yates says bicycles should be “taxed and insured, and their users forced to pass a test”. As some cars are zero-rated for vehicle...
The Sunday Times Driving Placeholder

Letters of the week, January 17

This week: motoring resolutions, brake lights, fog lights, petrol prices and keyless ignitions