Dacia Duster

Reader Letters: Duster derivation, used car admin fees, fog lights and muddy road signs

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Dacia Duster

Clean sweep

The Dacia Duster appears excellent value, but I think Dom Joly is mistaken regarding the origins of its name (“Leaves plenty of cash in the piggy bank”, September 4). I doubt Dacia would have spent any money with an ad agency to come up with Duster; the company would instead have borrowed the name from a very different type of vehicle — a defunct American muscle car called the Plymouth Duster.

Peter McKenna, Oxfordshire


Check this out

At a local dealership the (nearly new) used cars have a sticker stating that a £100 “admin fee” must be paid by the buyer to cover the cost of checking that the car hasn’t been stolen or has outstanding finance. Surely this process has already been carried out. Is this a rip-off?

Kevin Platt, Walsall


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Light relief

Bill Burchell complains that his new Volvo XC60 comes without front fog lights (“Taking the shine off”, August 28). Great news! One less car that will make the life of other drivers a blinding hell through the dark days of winter.

Michael Donkin, Chorley, Lancashire


Dishing the dirt

Fred Sommers describes road signs being obscured by overgrown foliage (“Vital signs”, August 28); a problem in my neck of the woods is dirt. Surely a team from the council could wash off mud-splattered signs at minimal cost.

Peter Davison, Knutsford, Cheshire


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