Sibling rivalry drag race: Audi RS 3 Saloon vs Audi RS 4 Avant

It's rare for different performance cars from the same company to be similar to each other on-paper, but that's exactly what's happened at Audi.
Kia with a sting in its tail beats Ford Mustang muscle car in a drag race

Kia Stinger beats Ford Mustang in drag race

MOST DRIVERS buy a Kia because they are sensible cars, at sensible prices, with a seven-year long warranty – which is, again, jolly sensible. But

Drag racer sends flaming fuel into crowd

Twelve people have been injured after burning fuel sprayed into the crowd at a drag racing event in central Australia.
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Video: Porsche 918 Spyder battles a Koenigsegg Agera...

If hypercars are all about posturing and oneupmanship, it is inevitable that their owners would want to square up, man to man, wing mirror to wing...