New Mini Cooper S Paddy Hopkirk edition harks back to Monte Carlo Rally glory

Mini has released a special edition of the 3-Door Hatch Cooper S, commemorating the first triumph of the classic car at the Monte Carlo Rally.
Me and My Motor: Charles Gordon‑Lennox, 11th Duke of Richmond

Me and My Motor: Duke of Richmond

Charles Gordon-Lennox, 11th Duke of Richmond, is the driving force behind the Goodwood Revival. More than 450,000 people attended the ...

Madonna's Mini up for sale, but it's not cheap

Madonna's Mini Cooper S has hit the used car market, with an eye-watering price to match its chart-topping provenance.
One-of-a-kind Mini celebrates Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Royal wedding — and you could buy it

One-off Mini celebrates Royal wedding

Mini is renowned for its mixing of proudly-British themes with contemporary flair and bold design, so it should come as no shock that it has...
Me and My Motor: Ellie Goulding, singer-songwriter

Me and My Motor: Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding has enjoyed a string of hit songs but still prefers the anonymity of an Uber cab to driving something showy.
Mini unveils longer, roomier and more practical 5-door hatch

News: Mini unveils longer, roomier and more practical...

The Mini 5-door hatch has two extra doors, one behind each of the car’s front doors.
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Top UK driving roads (part 2)

We've driven the length and breadth of the country to find the UK's best driving routes. Here's part two of our top ten picks.