Man killed after bus smashes into Philadelphia house

A man was killed and two others were injured when a bus smashed into a house in Philadelphia on Thursday.
Bus driver leaves trail of devastation after Dartford crash. Copyright: Tony Brown

Bus driver leaves trail of devastation

A bus ploughed into dozens of cars in a busy town centre, creating a trail of devastation that left 16 people injured and astonished onlookers.
Reader Letters: Mobile distractions, lucky colours and ageist insurers

Reader Letters: Mobile hazards and ageist insurers

Roger Grosvenor asked why it was permissible to drive a tourist coach while holding a mike but not to use a mobile in a car...
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News: Runaway bus crashes into house as driver tries...

Bus driver around the UK will be double-checking they've engaged their vehicle's handbrake this afternoon after the front of a house in Harold Wood...