Over-90s leave the road after Prince Philip gave up his driving licence

Some of the UK’s oldest drivers are surrendering their driving licences in the name of safety, following the lead of Prince Philip.
Automatic speed limiters? Bring them on

Opinion: Automatic speed limiters? Bring them on

New cars will, within three years, be fitted with automatic speed limiters. And that's a good thing, argues Will Dron.

Motorists encouraged to be more "bike smart"

Road safety charity Brake has called for car drivers to be more "bike smart", as part of this year's Road Safety Week awareness campaign.
Revolutionary website makes sending police dangerous driving dash cam footage a doddle

Nationwide portal for bad driving vids launched

The National Dash Cam Safety Portal, a website that allows road users to send video of dangerous driving to police, could make roads safer.
Top 10 ways to avoid stress when driving

Top 10 ways to avoid stress when driving

Maybe you're being tailgated too closely. Perhaps you're arguing with a stranger over a parking space. Or you're stuck in traffic on the way to a...
The Sunday Times Driving Placeholder

News: More than half of drivers admit to speeding and...

With their lower accident record, motorways and dual carriageways are regarded as safer than A-roads but a survey of drivers shows speeding and tailgating...