What’s the best bike rack for my car?

Cycling has been booming in popularity for a number of years and many riders, from amateur to elite, may be looking for the best cycle carriers.
James May: spend the HS2 money on bikes

James May: Spend the HS2 money on bicycles

Jeremy Clarkson is off this week, and in lieu his fellow Grand Tour Host James May has written a column in this weekend’s Sunday Times Magazine.
Whispbar WT21 two bike towbar bicycle carrier review

Three towbar-mounted bike racks tested

There are advantages to a towbar bike rack. The first is that it leaves room on the roof of the car for more cargo, such as additional bikes or..
Jeremy Clarkson: ban buses or bicycles to reduce road deaths

Jeremy Clarkson: ban buses or bicycles

Jeremy Clarkson has proposed banning either buses or bicycles in order to reduce the number of deaths and injuries on Britain's roads.
Blaze Lazerlight: helping alert London and New York motorists to vulnerable cyclists

Lighting the way ahead in a green blaze of glory

Forget about painting the town red. For five years Emily Brooke has wanted to make the night-time streets of the world’s great cities glow green.
The Sunday Times Driving Placeholder

Electric bike scheme hoped to get commuters out of...

Commuters are being encouraged to leave the car at home or try two wheels instead of relying on the train or bus
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A new Audi for £12,000? Audi Sport Racing Bike revealed...

Audi has revealed its most affordable model. It has striking lines, lightweight carbon-fibre components and the same seat leather...
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Video: Fearless Frenchman rides rocket-powered bicycle...

Some drivers have long suspected that bike riders have a screw loose but nothing compares to this two-wheeled tearaway – a Frenchman who claims...