A new Audi for £12,000? Audi Sport Racing Bike revealed

This Audi's pedals are a little stiff

Audi Sport Racing bicycle

AUDI has revealed its most affordable model. It has striking lines, lightweight carbon-fibre components and the same seat leather as you find in the R8 supercar but costs just €17,500 (£12,400) — about £2,000 less than the current entry-level A1.

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For badge snobs desperate to get on the first rung of the Audi ownership ladder, however, there is just one downside. It has only two wheels. And no engine. Or steering wheel. In fact, it’s a push-bike.

Audi Sport Racing bike

The Audi Sport Racing Bike was unveiled in Japan last week and the company is boasting that it is one of the lightest bikes yet made. The frame weighs just 790g — a little less than five iPhone 6 Plus handsets. Audi said the bike weighed 5.8kg in total.

“I don’t have much expertise in bicycles, but I’ve been told it’s extremely rare for a bike to weigh less than 6kg,” an Audi representative said.