Off-track drama has always been part of F1 but buckle up — the soap opera is likely to get wilder

Thanks to Netflix, there has never been more interest in F1, writes Dave Humphreys, but is there now more action off the track than on it?
Waymo self-driving car

The end of the road for self-driving cars?

The road to fully autonomous vehicles becoming mainstream has been a bumpy one, to say the least, but on Saturday it became a fiery one, too.
2024 Tesla Model 3 studio image

Why are private buyers cooling to EVs?

There are a number of reasons new EVs are falling out of favour with private car buyers, says Will Dron. But one factor is often overlooked.
The AA left us cowering on the hard shoulder of the M1 for six hours

The AA left us cowering on the hard shoulder

David Mills and his wife suffered a tyre blowout on the M1. That was just the start of their ordeal.
Peugeot Inception concept steering wheel

Opinion: Two trends, and the one that needs to die

The Consumer Electrics Show has highlighted a couple of motoring trends. One is here to stay, the other needs to be killed off, argues Will Dron.
Clarkson at Christmas

Classic Clarkson: When Christmas was saved by mum

Without a Playstation in sight, Christmas 2005 was a riot in the Clarkson household thanks to classic parlour games instigated by Jeremy's mum.
Female engine at the Mini car factory

Diversity? The car industry has a long way to go’s editor Will Dron on a new initiative to bring a more diverse workforce into the car industry, and why it matters
Austin Seven parade Goodwood 2022

Long live the Goodwood Revival

At the world's best motoring fancy dress party, Will Dron is struck by the true meaning of cars.
Robert Llewellyn my petrol car hell

Robert Llewellyn: My petrol car hell

Robert Llewellyn hadn't driven a petrol car for 12 years ... until now. Here's his account of the experience.
Indy 500 win reflects early promise shown by Marcus Ericsson in Formula BMW

Indy 500 win reflects Ericsson's early promise

Having won the 2022 Indy 500 — the pinnacle of American motorsport events — Ericsson has finally proven his worth, not to mention mettle.

Car buyers value quality and style over eco creds

A new study by the automotive content publisher Autovia has revealed the factors that most motivate buyers purchasing a new car.
Matt Rudd: Driverless cars are the future - it's the humans who are the problem

Driverless cars aren't the problem, humans are

The Sunday Times columnist Matt Rudd on why he is ready to chuck out the steering wheel
Oh, Christ: my new neighbour has a car with a megaphone exhaust

Oh, Christ: my new neighbour has a loud car

How many times have I written a review of a powerful car and described a gloriously sonorous exhaust note, I wonder.