Top 10 Top Gear videos on YouTube

Celebrate the mould-breaking car show by rewatching its best moments

Top 10 Top Gear videos on YouTube

A BUGATTI Veyron versus a EurofighterTyphoon, Ken Block’s spectacular “gymkhana” rallying skills and the revelation of the man under the Stig’s crash helmet: all appear in the top 10 videos on Top Gear’s YouTube channel.

With the BBC show’s future in jeopardy after Clarkson’s exit, we look back at some vintage moments from the hugely popular series.

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Top Gear’s 10 most popular YouTube clips


10 The smallest car in the world at the BBC

Top Gear says: “Jeremy drives the Peel P50, the world’s smallest production car, to work at the BBC and meets a few famous faces along the way.”

Views at time of publishing: 10.1m



9 Mitsubishi Evo v Subaru Impreza

Top Gear says: “Jeremy takes us through the new versions of the Mitsubishi Evo and the Subaru Impreza. Both are complicated, both are Japanese, both reach 155mph; so how to separate them?”

Views at time of publishing: 10.4m


8 Ken Block airfield rallying

Top Gear says: “Rallying and stunt-driving legend Ken Block joins James May on a rather quiet airfield in California. Quiet, that is, until he turns the airfield into a playground and shows off his Subaru-sliding skills against dirt-biking champion Ricky Carmichael.”

Views at time of publishing: 11.2m


7 The Stig revealed: behind the scenes

Top Gear says: “You saw it on the telly; now see what the atmosphere was like in the studio with our behind-the-scenes footage shot during the live show recording.”

Views at time of publishing: 11.2m


6 Bugatti Veyron top speed test

Top Gear says: “Captain Slow is given the task of driving the Bugatti at its top speed: 253mph. Can the least fleet-footed driver in Britain do it?”

Views at time of publishing: 12.8m


5 Pagani Zonda F v Bugatti Veyron drag race

Top Gear says: “James is on the Top Gear test track to review the £825,000 Pagani Zonda F roadster. But how will the fastest Zonda yet fare against the storming speed of the Bugatti Veyron in a drag race?”

Views at time of publishing: 13.6m


4 Helicopter crash caught on camera – Top Gear Korea

Top Gear says: “This was an accident that was caught on camera during filming for Top Gear Korea. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured. The original challenge pitted the presenter Kim Jin-pyo in a Corvette ZR1 against a Bell AH-1 Cobra helicopter in true Top Gear style.”

Views at time of publishing: 17.5m


3 The Marauder – 10-ton military vehicle

Top Gear says: “Richard is in South Africa to test the Marauder, a 10-ton military vehicle so tough it can withstand lions and high explosives.”

Views at time of publishing: 18.1m


2 Bugatti Veyron v McLaren F1

Top Gear says: “Take a one-mile stretch of road in Abu Dhabi and the two fastest road cars in the world and what do you get? The ultimate drag race is the answer as Richard Hammond in a Bugatti Veyron takes on the Stig in a McLaren F1.”

Views at time of publishing: 20.9m


1 Bugatti Veyron v Eurofighter

Top Gear says: “Watch this amazing challenge as Richard Hammond takes on a Eurofighter Typhoon in the Bugatti Veyron. Who will win the two-mile race?”

Views at time of publishing: 24.4m

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