Jeremy Clarkson Lamborghini tractor stuck after Kaleb error

Jeremy Clarkson releases video showing a 'crashed' tractor at his Diddly Squat farm

Unplanned tractor wheelie

JEREMY Clarkson has published a video to social media showing his beloved Lamborghini tractor stranded in a wheelie position, accompanied by the text, “Morons. I’ve got morons on my team.”

The clip initially focuses on his sidekick farmer, Kaleb Cooper, one of the stars of the hit docuseries, Clarkson’s Farm. “Guess who did this,” says Clarkson, “Jeremy or Kaleb?”

It’s clear from Kaleb’s body language that he’s responsible, and Jeremy confirms it: “It isn’t me; it isn’t! I’ve been tasting beer all afternoon. Look what you’ve done. You clown!”

The video pans out and the tractor is weighed down by an attachment at the back that hasn’t been counterbalanced at the front. The result is that the front two wheels are about a metre off the ground and the tractor appears to be undriveable.

It’s not clear if any damage has been done to the tractor or the farming attachment.

In the comments section of Instagram, Kaleb retorts: “This is all your fault. But guess I’ve got the skill of pulling wheelies in tractors.”

The calamity is the latest to be shared by Clarkson from Diddly Squat, his farm near Chipping Norton, as he progresses with filming series two of Clarkson’s Farm.

In it, the outspoken Grand Tour star documents his transition to life as a farmer, following his purchase of a Cotswolds farm in 2019.

Jeremy Clarkson lamborghini tractor

The tractor in the video, a Lamborghini Trattori R8 270 DCR, was purchased second-hand by Clarkson for a sum of £40,000 last year, but as it’s so large and complicated to use, he has to pay others to help with it:

“There are, I’m told, 48 gears forward and reverse. Happily, there are only two brake pedals and two throttles. But I did count 164 buttons before I opened the arm rest and found 24 more. None of them is labelled, which is a worry as all of them are designed to engage stuff that will tear off one of my arms.”

His previous comments on its complexity reinforce his claim that he is not responsible for the mishap in the video: “Not that I can attach anything to its rear end. It’s all heavy engineering back there and I just know that if I tried, you’d be reading about yet another farmer walking for four miles across his fields with his severed arm in a bag.”

Compost dumped on Clarkson’s Range Rover

The marooned tractor incident was made public around the same time that a story went viral about three tonnes of compost being dumped on Clarkson’s Range Rover by protestors.

However, the journalist and presenter took to Twitter to denounce that story as a prank: “All bollo**s. It was Ant and Lard cocking about.”

It appears that he was stitched up for a forthcoming episode of Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, but the publicity won’t do the second series of Clarkson’s Farm any harm at all.

The first series can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video now.