105mph in a 40 limit: teenage biker caught by own helmet camera

Also reached speed in excess of 120mph on M3 motorway

A TEENAGE motorcyclist has been found guilty of excessive speeding, after footage from his own helmet camera showed him doing 105mph along an A-road with a speed limit of 40mph.

Dennis Kuzmenok, 19, was also found guilty of reaching speeds over 120mph on the M3 motorway.

Southampton Crown Court banned him from riding for 15 months and sentenced him to 50 hours of community service.

Interestingly, it wasn’t the two speeding incidents that caught the attention of local law enforcement. Police were only alerted to Kuzmenok’s reckless riding incidents after the teenager rode into the back of a taxi last November, with investigators discovering his dangerous driving antics upon seizing the helmet camera.

Speaking after Kuzmenok’s sentencing, PC Richard Miell from the Joint Roads Policing Unit said: “Travelling at high speeds on any roads is incredibly reckless, but to do it on two major roads with heavy traffic showed total disregard for others and put not only his life at risk but the lives of other innocent road users.

“This shocking footage clearly shows just how dangerous his riding was. I hope it comes as some reassurance to the public that this dangerous rider is no longer a risk on our roads.”

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