Sunday Times Driving letters, May 21, 2017: Jeremy Clarkson Renault Twingo review

Reader Letters: Twingo tangle, cramped canine Discovery, Polo pollution, speed governors and Welsh roads signs

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Access denied
Presumably Jeremy Clarkson enjoyed his brief experience with the Renault Twingo (“So hot, you can cook breakfast in the boot”, April 23) because he didn’t have to check the oil or other fluid levels. Pity the unfortunate driver who must remove six screws and lift the floor of the boot to access the dipstick, and remove two covers then release two catches to slide open the bonnet.
Adrian Legge, Windermere, Cumbria


City slicker
What tosh Clarkson spouts about using city cars on motorways. We had a 900cc Fiat 500 for five years, driving 60,000 miles, and it was a struggle to keep it away from the outside lane of the motorway.
Justin Pressland, Esher, Surrey


Rover v Land Rover
I read Nick Rufford’s review of the Land Rover Discovery S with interest (“The workhorse trips over its couture coat”, March 19). We have upgraded our old model for the new Discovery — big mistake if you have dogs. It’s too high for most to jump in and has much less space in the boot.
Caroline Willacy, Redhill, Surrey


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Clean conscience
Please advise Kevin Platt (“Emission suspicion”, Letters, April 30) that my 2007 VW Polo BlueMotion dates from before Dieselgate and its emissions charts are clean.
Jeremy Haworth, Reading


In the zone
Why don’t manufacturers make a speed-restricted car that cannot exceed the limit? Sat navs always know what speed zone they’re in.
Derwyn Williams, Pwllheli, Gwynedd


Sign of the times
Peter Neild’s suggestion that bilingual signage in Wales should be in different colours makes sense (“Sign language”, Letters, April 16). British Rail had such a policy many years ago.
W Thomas, Llangain, Carmarthen


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