Reader Letters: Welsh road signs, road tax truths, cycling clothing, driverless cars and trusting the politicians

Reader Letters: Welsh road signs, road tax truths, cycling clothing, driverless cars and trusting the politicians

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Sign language

We have recently moved to Wales, where the road signs are in two languages. It can be very difficult to pick up where the English text starts on a sign, especially when travelling at some speed on a dual carriageway at night. Sometimes I’m past one before I’ve had time to read it. Perhaps one language could be in a different colour?
Peter Neild, Llandudno


April fuel

I don’t know how much it will cost to administer the new and illogical road tax system (“The new car tax”, March 26), but it will be vastly more than simply increasing the tax on fuel, which would have the merit of a) relating the tax take direct to usage, b) generating income from overseas visitors and c) costing a big fat zero in extra administration costs. It seems the government would rather waste money on unnecessary bureaucracy than raise fuel duty.
Paul Carroll, Wigan


Vote winner

James Mills states that “the government deemed it unfair to penalise drivers of existing cars”. Rather, it hadn’t the bottle to antagonise so many millions of voters. I pay £20 a year for my Polo and I’m keeping it.
Jeremy Haworth, Reading


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Eye-catching accessory

In reply to Ian Ballard (“Flash of danger”, Letters, April 2), I have just been knocked off my bike by a driver who said he didn’t see me, despite my bright yellow clothing. Now I have bought flashing bike lights to make sure I am seen by everyone. If Mr Ballard finds this distracting, I suggest that he shouldn’t be driving.
Tina Seymour, Tunbridge Wells


Safety controls

Transport autopilots are most successfully operated in highly controlled environments (“Walking into trouble”, Letters, April 2) — the rail and commercial air travel networks, for example. Surely, therefore, road vehicles cannot be expected to operate safely, or in such a way that anyone would want one, until our road systems are at least as controlled and consistent?
Alan Shirley, Kingston upon Thames


Mother knows best

It seems Ian White doesn’t believe in doing research if a politician says everything is all right (“Browned off by eco-evangelists”, Letters, March 26) . My ma used to say: “If I told you to put your head in the oven, would you do it?”
Paul Milner, Sheringham, Norfolk


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