Reader Letters: Driverless car challenge and flashing bike lights

Reader Letters: Driverless car challenge and flashing bike lights

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Walking into trouble

In future cities populated with driverless cars, imagine the battle for right of way once pranksters, daredevils and eventually all cyclists and pedestrians work out how safe they are. For example, busy crossings could become an unbroken stream of pedestrians as self-drive cars wait helplessly. It is only a small leap from there to imagine the physical measures needed to keep vehicles and pedestrians separate. Fenced-in pavements? Raised roadways?
Robert Cullen, Gothenburg, Sweden


Plastic’s fantastic

When I was at university I had a Mini so rusty you could put your feet on the road, but Jeremy Clarkson says the Renault Scénic is “crap” because it is mainly plastic (March 12). The more plastic the merrier, I say.
Dudley George, Alnwick, Northumberland


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Diesel mystery

I have driven three diesel-engined cars over the past 12 years, believing them to be the green option, but after the recent adverse comments about pollution I am about to take delivery of a petrol vehicle. Yet I have read that the Bentley SUV and other new models are being rated highly for the quality of their diesel engines. If diesel cars are being branded public enemies, with the suggestion that they might be banned from some cities in the UK, why are prestige manufacturers still introducing high-end products with diesel engines?
David Gerrard, Edinburgh


Flash of danger

Like most drivers I am aware of the need to afford the utmost care to cyclists, but I find flashing bicycle lights dangerously distracting. Yes, they make me aware of a cyclist’s presence, but they also make it difficult to gauge distance and draw my attention away from other road users. I am surprised they are legal.
Ian Ballard, Airton, North Yorkshire


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